Monday, November 28, 2011

A Dip Into the Vaults

I'm a little behind for today's comic.  Even though I had 4 freaking days of break from work and whatnot, crazy things started breaking.  First my car.  I noticed the ball joint was going out, once I jacked the car up and looked underneath it.  I saw a mangled mess of metal that shouldn't be there.  Got that fixed (ended up being an entire control arm).  Then my washing mashing exploded.  (maybe not, but it broke anyways) If you follow me on twitter you'll know all about my washing machine shenanigans.  So I had to get a new pump, which the install was fairly easy.  And I spent my entire break basically doing laundry, and fixing shit here and there.  SO...TL;DR:

Lazy, busy, A.D.D. induced lack of comic today.  I will bring the noize on Wednseday.

Hug, Stab,Hug, Stab,


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