Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday - a note

Happy Friday everybody!

So after taking a few days off, I have decided that I will continue this comic (or another).  Just not right now.  I plan on sketching the conclusion of the current story arc...maybe not as elaborate as I initially planned, but after this arc is finished I will get started on a new endeavour.  I do not know yet if I will keep the current characters and story-line or if I will start over with something new.  Lately, between work and personal life, the comic just became harder to find time for.  That's not fair to you guys.  I appreciate all the support and views that I've received from all the readers.  It means a lot.  This comic was initially supposed to be a goof off for me while I had down time at work; when I had a different position.  Now I find with the more job responsibilities and personal responsibilities I have, it's been harder to find time to even draw the comic, let alone work on the appearance and web-site for it.  So I will take this time to get my life organized and my future in comics.  I love drawing, so I will keep doing it, I just need to reassess what direction that will be.  SOOO.... TL;DR - I'll be back, maybe a new comic, maybe this comic, and I love you guys.  (and girls) 



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